Bathroom Heating

Choosing the Best Electric Heating for Your Bathroom

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There’s a convection, radiant or fan-forced heater that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle.

We can all appreciate the difference between stepping onto icy tiles on a cold winter’s morning versus being enveloped in relaxing warmth as you prep for the day. But every bathroom is different, and finding the electric heater that’s the best space heater for your bathroom is as unique as both your lifestyle and the room itself.

Types of Electric Heat for Bathrooms  

In selecting the best electric space heaters for your bathroom, it’s important to understand the type of warmth you like most. It’s a personal choice, and when it comes to your preference for comfort, there are no wrong answers. 


If you prefer a consistent and comfortable heat set to your ideal temperature, for example, a convection heater’s ability to naturally circulate and warm the air of your bathroom is a great choice. If you like the feel of the sun on your skin, however, a radiant heater might be the way to go. With this type of heater, radiant heat gently envelopes you and your space with a comforting warmth, ideal for when you’re just stepping out of a hot shower. Finally, if you prefer to have heat when you want it most, fan-forced heaters deliver it with powerful, on-demand warmth.  


Electric Heaters for Small or Large Bathrooms

Convection, radiant or fan-forced heaters from Convectair come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So regardless of the size of your bathroom, you should be able to enjoy the type of warmth you prefer. 


For smaller bathrooms that feature a bathtub or shower, a toilet, sink, towel rack and more, free wall space that could accommodate baseboard electric heat or a heater in-wall, could be at a premium. If that sounds like your bathroom, the Convectair Apéro Panel Convection Heater or a radiant heater like the Opera 17 are great options. The units are really small and thin (these aren’t the big clunky space heaters of the past!) and can be installed just above your bathroom’s floor to warm those shockingly cold tiles – just as effectively as floor heaters – as well as warm the room itself.


If your bathroom’s unused space is higher up on the wall instead, the small but mighty Calypso, Soprano, or Piccolo fan-forced heaters may be a better choice. Each one has a sleek and slim design to complement any décor and is as efficient at heating your bathroom as it is powerful.


For larger, more expansive bathrooms, your options are wide open. Electric heaters come in all shapes and sizes – from long and narrow convection heaters like Convectair’s Allegro II 14 Panel Convection Heater to the tall and thin Opera 12 Radiant Heater. If you have ample wall space to work with, the best space heater options for your bathroom depend on, again, the type of electric heat you prefer, and where in your bathroom an in-wall heater would fit best. 

The Best Bathroom Electric Heaters Work in Both Form and Function

As efficiently as electric heat can warm your bathroom to the ideal temperature you prefer, the best space heaters should look as good as they work. 


In choosing the right electric heater for your bathroom, look for a clean and sleek design that can mesh with your overall décor – from classical to ultra-modern. After all, the last thing you want for your bathroom is a heater that hogs all the attention or just gets in the way. Bathrooms that are abuzz with family activity, for example, can especially benefit from low-profile electric heaters that don’t stick out from the wall too much, as well as feature durable, splash-resistant construction that’s easy to maintain.  


On top of providing everyday warmth, some bathroom electric heaters can even add an extra touch of luxury too, like the Opera B or Adagio from Convectair. Both models of bathroom heater feature two towel bars, designed to give you warm and cozy towels right out of the shower – a luxury spa experience you can enjoy right at home!  


With so many options to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with electric heat for your bathroom, as long as you make the experience as unique as you. That’s really what choosing the best bathroom electric heater is all about.