A living space with a Convectair heater mounted to the wall
A living space with a Convectair heater mounted to the wall

FLB and FLB+

The FLB series are quality convection heaters that come with or without a built-in thermostat and timer. Alternatively, you can easily pair your heater with a wall thermostat (sold separately). These contemporary-chic white panel convectors work to spread warmth throughout the room using top vented convection airflow.

Silent & consistent comfort

Natural convection heaters, such as the FLB and FLB+, create a consistently comfortable ambiance in the room. Their heating elements are designed for exceptional heat conductivity.
This way, air circulates gently and continuously throughout the room, in perfect silence.

Durable Construction

The expertly manufactured finned element has been designed for durability and efficient heat transfer.

Comfort in complete safety

Our clients security is very important to us. The FLB and FLB+’s design therefore features a grille that isn’t sharp, rounded corners and heating elements that are inaccessible to children’s fingers. Both models are endowed with thermal protection in cases of overheating.

Convectair warranty

2 Years against all manufacturing defects.
5 Years on heating elements.
For reliable and guaranteed installation, Convectair recommends consulting a certified electrician.

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