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Convection Heating

The air is naturally drawn into the bottom of the heater, warmed up and re-diffused throughout the room, in a silent, consistent and pleasant way.

Discover our convection heater series


Perfect starter convection heater - simple in both style and in operation.

Allegro II 14

Ideal for those seeking maximum comfort without having much vertical space.

Allegro II 18

Mid-sized silent and consistent convection heater.

Allegro II 26

Narrow and reliable, great for rooms without much lateral wall space.

FLB and FLB+

Upgrade your supplemental heating solutions with a safe and easy-to-use panel convector.


Works beautifully and provides you with options for varying daily needs.

Unequalled quality

The consistent comfort experienced with our heaters results from the fact that they are able to make the air fully circulate throughout the room. Other convection heaters on the market lose their heat on walls and ceilings. Make no mistake—only a Convectair heater bears the Convectair signature!

Comfort in complete safety

Our clients’ safety is very important to us. All our natural convection heaters design therefore feature a grille that isn’t sharp, rounded corners and heating elements that are inaccessible to children’s fingers. Their thermostat is lockable and endowed with thermal protection in cases of overheating.

Planning your comfort

Thanks to programming systems, our natural convection heaters enable you to plan your heating based on your home and office schedules. That is, to coordinate your heating around your coming and going, for greater energy economies.
Our natural convection heaters also feature integrated thermostats, offering you many programming functions, for smarter comfort.

Convectair warranty

2 Years against all manufacturing defects.
5 Years on heating elements.
For a reliable and guaranteed installation, Convectair recommends consulting a certified electrician.

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