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Fan-forced Heating

Fan-forced heaters propel hot air throughout the room, for quick and powerful heating. Equipped with a timer, they are ideal for rooms requiring quick heating, on demand.

Discover our fan-forced heater series


Our most powerful fan-forced heater, it’s the preferential choice for those seeking quick heating throughout the room.


Installed high on the wall, this fan-forced heater allows you to place furniture more freely.


Slim, small, and powerful - an efficient fan-forced heater that is sure to fit your space.


Bringing luxurious warmth to the bathroom, this fan-forced heater even comes equipped with towel bars.

Varried Solutions

Convectair offers you a wide variety of fan-forced heaters, to better fulfill your comfort needs. For those with space restrictions, we suggest heaters with built-in fans, like the Piccolo or Soprano, which is installed high up on the wall. For those with greater heating needs, we suggest the Calypso, with its total capacity of 2000W.

Comfort in complete safety

Our clients safety is very important to us. We therefore ensure that all of our fan-forced heaters are built with rounded corners and heating elements that are inaccessible to children’s fingers. Thermostats are lockable and equipped with thermal protection in cases of overheating.

Quality certification

Convectair heaters satisfy Canadian safety standards. In addition, in 2013, we earned the France Garantie distinction, certifying that the entirety of manufacturing is carried out in France. Such production quality control enables us to guarantee the highest quality and performance of our heaters.

Convectair warranty

2 Years against all manufacturing defects.
5 Years on heating elements.
For reliable and guaranteed installation, Convectair recommends consulting a certified electrician.

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