A bathroom with a Convectair heater mounted to the wall
A bathroom with a Convectair heater mounted to the wall


The Adagio, a compact fan-forced heater equipped with towel bars, features natural convection and fan-forced heating, with a timer. Luxury has never been so reasonably priced – why deprive yourself? This heater includes three towel bars.

Consistent comfort

The Adagio’s 600W natural convection technology creates a consistently comfortable environment in your bathroom. This heater is designed to ensure that air circulates throughout the entire room gently and continuously, in perfect silence. The air is naturally drawn into the bottom of the heater, heated by the element, and then re-diffused into the room via the grille on the top of the heater.

Equipped with its electronic backlit thermostat, which is ultraprecise to 1/10°C, the heater maintains your comfortable temperature at all times.

Enveloping warmth

The Adagio is also endowed with a 800W fan, to better fulfill your comfort and instantaneous heating needs. Located at the bottom of the heater to better diffuse hot air throughout the room, the fan is activated by a timer, and enables you to heat the room up quickly, on demand.

Bathroom safety

The Adagio is designed with a splash-proof construction, and heating element that is inaccessible to children’s fingers. Its thermostat is lockable and equipped with thermal protection in case of overheating.
Your heater must be installed in accordance with national and local codes and respect minimum distance requirements between heaters and water sources.

Planning your comfort

Looking for a heater that automatically heats up the bathroom prior to your arrival in the morning? The Adagio enables you to do exactly that, thanks to its various programming options.

Convectair warranty

2 Years against all manufacturing defects.
5 Years on heating elements.
For reliable and guaranteed installation, Convectair recommends consulting a certified electrician.

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