A living space with a Convectair heater mounted to the wall
A Convectair heater mounted on a wall


The Soprano is the only fan-forced heater that can be installed high up on the wall. It’s ideal for those without much space, but seeking comfort in the room. A signature Convectair solution that measures up to your expectations!

Great simplicity

The Soprano is endowed with 750 or 1500W fan-forced heating, depending on the installation. It can be linked to a wall thermostat or timer, depending on your needs. In its discreet way (with its small size), this heater is perfect for restricted or awkward spaces, such as bathrooms and shower rooms.

Directed towards the centre

Thanks to its high positioning on the wall, the Soprano’s fan-forced heater directs air towards the centre of the room, via a forward-louvered air outlet on the bottom of the heater, for consistent comfort throughout the room.

Bathroom Safety

The Soprano is designed with a splash-proof construction, and heating element that is inaccessible to children’s fingers. For installations, it is recommended to follow the Building Code, and respect minimum distance requirements between heaters and water sources.

Convectair warranty

2 Years against all manufacturing defects.
5 Years on heating elements.
For reliable and guaranteed installation, Convectair recommends consulting a certified electrician.

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