A living space with a Convectair heater mounted to the wall
A living space with a Convectair heater mounted to the wall


How to Install

Detailed installation instructions can be found in your Convectair Owner’s Manual. Although some of our products are simple enough to DIY install, we recommend our wired products be installed by a someone comfortable with working with electricity.

Installation and maintenance FAQs

Absolutely. Unlike other devices that are installed straight onto walls, Convectair units are installed on a mounting frame, which separates the heater from the wall, by ¾ in (2 cm). This prevents much of the heat produced by the device from being lost through contact with the wall.

We recommend that you keep the box for at least 1 month. This will help make transportation easier, if you need to exchange the unit, in the case of a manufacturing defect, for example.

Installation height varies, based on the product model. Natural convection and Radiant heaters are usually installed between 4 and 6 in (10 and 15 cm) from the floor. Towel heaters and Fan-forced heaters have varied installation heights. We recommend that you consult the installation manual for your device for full installation details.

We recommend having your Convectair heaters installed by an electrician, in accordance with national and regional codes.

To provide optimal performance, your Convectair heaters require a minimum of maintenance. Simply use the vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth a few times during the heating season. As a preventative measure, it is advisable to clean the bottom inlet grid frequently, especially for devices installed in the kitchen, or in locations often exposed to cigarette smoke. Never use abrasive products, which could damage the epoxy coating.

First you need to turn the power off. For Natural convection heaters, press the anchor tabs located on the back of the device (see image below). The unit should lean towards you, then you simply need to pull it forward and out of the mounting frame. For vertical Towel heaters, such as the Impresario 1200, turn the latch, rotate the device on the mounting frame, and simply lift it out of the frame. If you have any questions, please refer to the installation manual for your device, in the “Documentation” section, or contact our Customer service department, at 1-800-463-6478.

One of the major perks of 120V (plug-in style) devices is their easy installation. Simply install the mounting frame of your product onto the wall, then plug your heater into a standard 120V household outlet. That was easy! A dedicated electrical circuit may be required.In what type of wall should I install my recessed units?Our recessed units can only be installed into the wall between studs (2” X 4”). They can be installed just as easily on an outside wall as on an interior one.

Don’t worry. The Impresario’s tempered glass facade can be cleaned very easily. For fingerprints, simply remove them with a wet cloth. For dust, a dry cloth will do. Be sure to avoid using abrasive or acetone-based cleaners on your Impresario, or on any other of our devices, as such cleaners could damage the coatings.

The light is normal, and does not indicate anything dangerous. Some of our Fan-forced heaters are equipped with a saturation light for the dust filter, which is removable for cleaning. When saturated, the light will turn on, and cause the fan to stop. For optimal performance, clean the filter regularly. Consult your installation manual for further details.

During the initial start-up of your device, it is possible that some light smoke may emerge. This is quite normal, and should stop after about 2 or 3 minutes.

In cases of power failure, the Programmer has battery autonomy for 6 to 8 hours. So, during this time, the heating schedule in the system remains programmed. Only the date and time must be reset.

The devices that are compatible with the Programmer module have a slot specifically designed for it, next to the thermostat. Programming of the system can be done either with the module installed in the unit, or outside of it.

Our recessed units can only be installed into the wall between studs (2” X 4”). They can be installed just as easily on an outside wall as on an interior one