Living Room Heat

The Best Electric Heaters for Your Living Room

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With the right warmth for your space, you can relax and unwind in comfort.

Your living room in your safe space. It’s where you spend time with family, enjoy your favourite shows, or just sit back with a book to unwind. Even on cold winter days, enjoying your living room in complete and comforting warmth is a must. And with the right electric heating solution for your living room – whether it’s radiant, convection, or fan-forced heat – nothing will get in the way of your well-deserved R & R. 

Different Types of Electric Heat for Living Rooms 

In choosing the best electric heater for your living room, it’s good to know the types of electric heaters available and the warming experience that would fit you and your lifestyle best.  


There are 3 types of electric space heaters: radiant heaters, convection heaters, and fan-forced heaters, with each coming in useful formats similar to baseboard heaters (a heater in-wall that sits just above your floor) or heaters for walls that can be installed further up for greater flexibility. 


Radiant heat is a soft, enveloping, perceptible warmth that feels like the sun’s rays. Units available through the Opera series from Convectair have a sleek and intricate honeycomb pattern perfectly designed to not only diffuse the heater’s radiant warmth but also blend seamlessly with any décor. 


Convection heaters like the Apéro or Allegro series, are low to the floor heaters that draw colder, denser air in through the bottom of the unit. Once in the unit, the air is warmed then diffused throughout the room in a consistent, pleasant way, naturally.  


And finally, fan-forced heaters like the Soprano, Calypso, and Piccolo, provide warmth on-demand, using their efficient heating elements to warm the air, and their powerful fans to bathe the room in warmth when needed.   


Once you zero in on the type of electric heat you like best, you’ll need to look at the set-up and nature of your living room to determine the best space heater for your needs.


Choosing the Best Electric Heater to Fit Your Space

Most living rooms are key living spaces within our homes, often bustling with activity and arranged with furniture, entertainment, and décor pieces that get used every day. Larger living rooms that can allow you to place sofas and chairs towards the middle of the room, have more open wall space, giving you near-complete flexibility to choose the type of heater you prefer most. For example, the Convectair Opera 12 radiant heater is a long and thin electric heater that sits just above the baseboard. It provides exceptional and efficient heating for living rooms – especially those with large windows and/or high ceilings – while its elongated profile is especially perfect for wider, open walls. 


If your living room is smaller, with furniture and other items taking up a lot of your wall space, small-yet-mighty radiant or convection heaters are ideal. Convectors like the Allegro II 14, or radiant heaters like the Opera 17 can be installed in as little as 32” of open wall space, and stick out a mere 5” from the wall. And while furniture like your sofa or chair shouldn’t be placed right against it, you can minimize the open floor space the heater needs to just a couple of feet away from the unit, leaving plenty of room to balance the electric heat you need with the living room setup you want.    

Get Complete Control Over Your Living Room’s Warmth

One of the best features of electric heaters is that you have complete control over the warmth you want in each room, individually. So, if you feel you can better relax after a hard day’s work in a living room that’s warmer than your kitchen, for example, electric heat allows you to do that. It’s as simple as setting the heater in your living room to a higher temperature than heaters in other rooms. And for most electric heaters, you can even program the heat to run warmer when you use the room most, helping you stay comfortable and save on heating costs, too.


When it Comes to Heaters For Living Rooms, Silence is Golden

The last thing you want getting in the way of the latest cliff-hanger ending to your favourite show is a noisy heater. When choosing the best electric heater for your living room, both radiant and convection heaters are great choices. Since both types of electric heaters warm your space without any moving, mechanical parts, you can enjoy the comforting warmth in complete silence, and never miss a beat of your binge-worthy shows.