Electric Heating

What’s the Right Electric Heat for Your Space?

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No matter your lifestyle or living space, there’s an optimal heating solution for you.

Finding the right electric heating solution to fit the different rooms in your home, along with the different aspects of your lifestyle, might seem like a big task. But the truth is, whether you prefer radiant, convection, or fan-forced heat, there is a simple heating solution for you. Here are a few quick suggestions and tips to get you started.

Let’s Start with Understanding the Types of Electric Heat 

There are 3 types of electric heaters for rooms, and each has its method and benefits of warming both you and your space. 


Convection electric heaters, like the Allegro series from Convectair, are great at warming and circulating air throughout the room without the use of fans or mechanical parts. Instead, convection heaters naturally draw in cooler, denser air that sits just above the floor and heats it. As the air warms, it becomes less dense and rises through the unit’s slats which redirects the air towards the center of the room in a consistent, pleasant way. 


If you love the feeling of the warm sun against your skin, you’ll really, really love the enveloping warmth of radiant heat. Radiant electric heaters, like the Opera series from Convectair, diffuse air outward from the unit in a halo of soft, enveloping warmth – perfect for people who always feel a little chilled. Like convection space heaters, radiant heaters don’t have any fans or moving parts either, providing exceptional warmth, without any distracting noise. 


Fan-forced electric heaters, like the Calypso, Soprano or Piccolo from Convectair, provide directed warmth when and where you need it. Their efficient heating elements and powerful, yet quiet fans direct heat towards the center of the room in a quick fashion, stripping the chill from your space, on-demand.


Get to Know Your Space and the Heating That Would Work Best

In selecting the best electric heater, understanding how they work for your space is just as important as knowing the type of electric heat you prefer. 


To start, look around your home and take note of rooms that have high ceilings or large windows. Although beautiful and almost escapist, rooms like this are often chillier than other areas of your home. A standard baseboard electric heater in this case would have a difficult time addressing your need for warmth since the hot air it creates tends to stick to the wall and accumulate in the high ceilings. Instead, rooms like this are perfect for radiant heat. Since the warmth of radiant heaters can be particularly felt within 6 feet of the heater’s in-wall position, it can perfectly address the cooler air that seeps in from a large window, while naturally warming objects toward the center of the room, instead of being lost in the high ceiling. 


For cozier, smaller rooms like bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens, a more pleasant heat works here, and a perfect low-to-the-floor heater for these types of rooms would be a convection heater. Take your sleeping arrangements for example. The last thing you want is the person on one side of the bed warm and toasty, while the other is feeling chilled. Since convection heaters are so effective at distributing hot air throughout the room, there’s a better chance of not having one area of the room that’s warmer than another, so everyone – regardless of where they are in the room – can rest and relax in ideal comfort.


Bathrooms are unique and depend on both the size of your space and your lifestyle. Stepping out of a hot shower and into the enveloping warmth of radiant heat is a feeling you might just fall in love with. Plus, with a unit like the Opera B that has special bars to hang and warm your towels, the added touch of a luxury spa experience at home is, simply put, heavenly. However, there is something special to the on-demand warmth of fan-forced heaters for bathrooms as well. With the heater in-wall and perfectly programmed to heat your bathroom before you wake up on a chilly winter morning, the experience of getting your morning routine off to a cozy and comfortable start can be quite the rewarding one.   


There’s an Electric Heater to Fit Any Space

No matter which type of electric heat you prefer, or the layout, setup, or size of the rooms in your home, the best news is that radiant heaters, convection heaters, and fan-forced heaters from Convectair come in a variety of sizes and strengths to suit your needs. They’re also easy to maintain, and since they’re electric heaters for walls that don’t look like heaters, they can blend seamlessly with any décor.